Elaine  Waters lived in Anchorage, Alaska  until 1981, and then moved to Phoenix. Her husband   Bobby was a General Agent for Minnesota Mutual Life and Elaine became active with local art groups and began teaching oil painting in 1988.

      Bobby passed away in 2003 and  Elaine has continued to be very busy with art and other enjoyable pastimes. Elaine has also been playing piano and organ for  church services  for many years.  

     She is a member of five Arizona art organizations and  really enjoys leading the critiquing sessions for two of the groups..  Her paintings have received many awards in local exhibits.   Besides the league activities, she teaches three painting classes a week and occasionally demonstrates her oil and acrylic painting skills at art league meetings.    

     While Elaine loves to paint with oils, acrylic and watercolor,   her real love is the teaching of painting skills to her classroom students.  She loves to see her students mature in their painting abilities and is thrilled to see them receive awards at local art exhibits. 

       Never just  relying on the painting of “comfortable” art subjects, Elaine is always ready for a challenge… “  can I do that?… What would happen if…?   I wonder if that would work?    How can I make it better ?  Is this the best I can do with this painting?…

                        “I firmly believe that we, as artists, should never be satisfied with less than our best at any time in our art career.”      EW  

Elaine painting in France







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